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12 TikTok Video Ideas To Increase Engagement

Since users now visit social platforms to be entertained, TikTok has revolutionised the way marketers use social media, which has effectively become social entertainment. Because things change so quickly on the platform, brands need to post frequently to keep their content fresh in consumers’ minds.

Here are 12 TikTok Content Ideas for Companies

Our most recent TikTok benchmarks examined the activity of over 600 of the world’s most popular brands to establish a standard of comparison and to spot commonalities in the content strategies adopted by these companies. No two brands will have the same TikTok strategy because the platform is based on algorithms that show users content based on their expressed interest. However, there are some recurring patterns among the most popular content on TikTok. Some suggestions for your company’s brand:

Display the Unseen Side of Your Brand

The best way to demonstrate your brand’s authenticity on TikTok is to give users a glimpse of the inner workings of your company by letting them in on some of the processes that go on there. Companies are finding success on TikTok by having employees star in their videos, as this gives the content a more personal touch and thus increases engagement.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the latest style

As a trend-setting platform, TikTok is always buzzing with the latest and greatest. If a company is at a creative impasse, they need look no further than trending hashtags or the marketers’ own For You pages. Brands need to stay current with what users want and produce content that is as timely and relevant as possible to benefit from TikTok’s algorithmic recommendations.

Inform your readers of trade secrets

TikTok users are eager to learn the ins and outs of the platform, and they are more likely to spread educational content by sharing it with their social networks. TikTok users enjoy hearing from brands that use their distinct points of view to provide advice on how to get the most out of new products, make the most of services, and cut costs.

Keep your content succinct and to the point

TikTok users can upload videos up to ten minutes in length, but due to the fast pace of the channel’s feed, the most successful videos tend to be less than fifteen seconds in length. A brand’s opening line should be a snap of wit that makes the viewer want to watch the rest of the video.

Display Your Product in Action

Because of the dynamic nature of the content on TikTok, brands can showcase their products from angles and in contexts that would be impossible with still images. The best product marketing on TikTok takes full advantage of the app’s features, including the app’s emphasis on sounds and editing.

Don’t be afraid to try out different aesthetics

TikTok strategies vary by brand. Learn what makes your content appear on people’s For You pages by experimenting with filming methods, video lengths, sounds, and text, and improving upon your top-performing content. You can also get an idea of which experiments are succeeding by using tools like Dash Hudson’s Entertainment Score benchmarking.

Recommend a Collection of Useful Tips

When users find life hacks to be helpful, they are more likely to share them with others and bring them up in conversation, resulting in extremely high engagement rates. The most-viewed TikTok videos from SELF Magazine are full of useful advice for living a healthier life. Each one of them manages to capture the show’s signature witty, approachable, and instantly recognisable vibe.

Comment on Current Trends in Real Life

Whether it’s the latest in fashion, makeup, home decor, or cuisine, TikTok users love perusing the channel to learn about what’s popular in the real world. Any professional can benefit from sharing their knowledge of current and future developments in their field and, of course, promoting their own wares.

Lip-syncing through the use of Current Music

The most popular sounds on the channel are usually humorous examples of pop culture that quickly go viral. Sounds are fleeting, so you need to make the most of them quickly. Lip-syncing skits, on the other hand, are simple to film and require little in the way of editing to give your brand’s unique perspective the context it deserves. Because it does not involve copyrighted music, which can be tricky for marketers to navigate, lip-syncing is also great for brands.

Close-ups of calming activities like making art, preparing food, or opening cosmetics packaging are popular with viewers. Brands can benefit greatly from these types of videos because they are simple to make and do not call for the use of any recognisable human faces in the content.

Collaborate With an Artist

Creators are TikTok’s lifeblood, and no one knows the platform better than they do. Sponsoring creators is a great way to get your brand in front of an audience that may not be familiar with it by providing them with engaging, authentic content that they can relate to.

Experiment with Different Filters

TikTok’s filters are entertaining and open up a wide variety of opportunities for creative, attention-grabbing applications that are sure to get people talking. Because the channel is always releasing new video editing features, you should always be on the lookout for fresh and original content to share on TikTok.

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