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When And How Can You Provide A Gift During TikTok LIVE?

The TikTok LIVE Gifts function is a convenient way for your fans to respond to your videos and express their gratitude for your hard work. It’s a big deal for up-and-coming TikTokers since it helps them get started making money on the site and it’s also how many of the most successful TikTok artists make a living off their videos these days. The How Much do TikTokers Earn guide and the TikTok Influencer Earnings Calculator are great places to start if you want to know how much money you can make with a TikTok account.

To begin, let’s define TikTok LIVE Gifts.

When a user hosts a TikTok LIVE video, their viewers may thank them by giving them gifts. Before streamers may receive presents, the streamer must turn on the LIVE Gifting feature. TikTok also features a currency system where users can trade their collected Diamonds for cash.

As per the platform’s Virtual Goods Policy, the giver of a LIVE Gift must abide by it. TikTok has replaced its Virtual Goods Policy with a Coins Policy and a Rewards Policy for users in the European Economic Area, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. As of June 2022, the revised regulations are in effect. Users in the specified European locations who buy Coins to use or access other virtual commodities or services on TikTok are the intended audience of the Coins Policy. If you’re a fan of a particular streamer, you may buy them a TikTok LIVE Gift of Coins. The Coins Policy also details the regulations for withdrawals, refunds, and guarantees for Coins purchased by TikTok users.

Influencers and other content creators on TikTok who reside in the relevant European countries will benefit more from the terms of TikTok’s Rewards Program. This lays out the steps users must do in order to earn Points on the service. Those who make TikTok LIVE broadcasts and other users of the Platform who take part in TikTok’s incentive programmes designed to encourage them to utilise the Platform and produce content of a high quality are subject to this policy. The primary topics addressed by the Rewards Policy are:

Tips for Accepting Gifts When Streaming LIVE

If a viewer like your live stream, they may send you a Gift just as they do for your uploaded films if they are over the age of 18 and in compliance with TikTok’s Virtual Items/Coin policy. If a viewer shows their appreciation by giving you money, it means they enjoy your work and see value in it.

Diamonds Can Be Collected By Giving Actual Presents In-Person

As long as you have LIVE Gifting turned on, they will be visible during your live broadcast. Continue broadcasting as normal, but be prepared to receive presents from viewers who were inspired to do so by your work. You can see how many people have given you Gifts in the summary information that appears at the conclusion of your TikTok LIVE video.

TikTok keeps track of the amount of presents you receive and gives out Diamonds to producers depending on the success of their recorded and LIVE videos. They consider a lot of elements, but the quantity of presents they’ve received from others is a major one in determining this.

Buying and selling diamonds

TikTok cautions that Diamonds cannot be bought and cannot be given to or taken from another user. Selling, trading, assigning, transferring, or otherwise getting rid of your Diamonds without TikTok’s permission is strictly forbidden. The European Rewards policy uses different language, but has the same spirit.

But, at any moment, a creator may check their balance and redeem Diamonds for cash at a rate determined by TikTok depending on a variety of parameters, including the user’s Diamond total. In order to withdraw funds from TikTok, you must first link a PayPal account.

To begin, let’s define TikTok Live.

The post makes frequent references to “TikTok Live,” which may be confusing to readers who aren’t familiar with the app. Aren’t the majority of the videos on TikTok posted by users lip-syncing to music and intended for a wide audience

Before now, we’ve taken a deeper dive into TikTok Live Video: A Guide for Marketers. The new year saw the introduction of TikTok Live, which allows users to broadcast their films in real time. Also, TikTokers may interact with their fans in real time through comments. As we’ve shown in this article, your readers may even reward you with in-game items.

You may begin setting up a Live Stream by clicking the plus sign in the screen’s bottom-center. At the centre of your display, you’ll notice a red record button. Just below that, you’ll find a selection of video and picture lengths and layouts leading up to the LIVE button. In a short while, the red record button will transform into a green GO LIVE button. When you’re ready to start recording, tap that button.

Take caution with whatever background music you play. There are restrictions on commercial use of music that don’t apply to personal use. Nonetheless, marketers are welcome to utilise music from TikTok’s royalty-free music library in their live videos.

If you want to go fancy with your TikTok Live video, you may add a cover photo and a title. A compelling caption might encourage viewers to tune in and potentially reward you with a TikTok Live surprise. Never forget that hash tags will help more people find your live broadcast.

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