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An Ultimate Guide About TikTok Ads Specification

TikTok goes beyond being a platform where Gen Z slang and teen dance fads are born and spread like wildfire. It’s a form of social media that has great potential for companies and advertisers to reach a large and expanding customer base. The popularity of TikTok has skyrocketed, with the app now boasting more than a billion users. This is a much faster rate of expansion than that of rivals like Facebook and Instagram.

Brands continue to embrace TikTok’s ad platform in addition to using organic video posts to drive community growth. Take a look at this sample of the users your TikTok ads could reach.
Understandably, advertising firms and other businesses have started investigating the platform to learn how they can tap into its massive user base. You must be aware of the guidelines and restrictions TikTok has set up for sponsored posts in order to advertise on the platform.

Whence Come Ad Requirements?

Ads and creatives need to be tailored for each individual social media platform. By outlining these, the platform can better serve its users and businesses by guiding them in the creation of content optimised for display on the platform’s various screens.

When making a post, it is crucial that you adhere to these guidelines. This will make sure that your social media posts display correctly, that nothing is cut off or hidden, and that the algorithm can gather all the information it needs.

Requirements for Ads on TikTok

TikTok has a variety of ad formats and placements.

The majority of TikTok ads have nearly the same layout as regular TikTok videos, with the exception of the orange CTA button and the “sponsored” text.

Commercials on TikTok that appear in the app’s feed

Ads that appear in a user’s feed as they scroll are known as in-feed ads. Someone can access this feed directly by going to the “For You” page. The seamless integration of these ads into the feed makes it simple to attract the attention of users and encourage interaction in the form of likes and comments.

Video Ad Takes Over TikTok

For a more forceful advertising strategy on TikTok, consider a brand takeover. At first launch, this type of ad might be a gif, video, or still image. For a brief time (hence the name), the creative is displayed in full screen before giving way to an in-feed advertisement.

Commercial from TikTok to Be Seen First

TikTok ads seen from above are conceptually similar to brand takeover ads. A top view ad appears three seconds after a user begins viewing their in-feed posts, rather than immediately after they open the app and take over the entire screen.

Promotional Hashtag War Paid Promotions on TikTok

A fun way to increase interaction with your user base is to host a branded hashtag challenge. If you use these ads, you can start a brand hashtag where customers can submit their own content for a chance to win prizes.

What Aspect Ratio Should You Use For Your TikTok Ad?

You may be wondering now how to choose the best aspect ratio for your TikTok ads. If you need some guidance in making that choice, consider the following.

Aspect Ratio of 9:16
This is the typical ratio for a mobile phone display. The mobile-first nature of TikTok means that this is the optimal aspect ratio to use when making advertisements for the app.

When designing a commercial with a 9:16 aspect ratio, the only thing you need to remember is to centre the important elements using our safe zone template. Using this method, you can prevent other system-wide buttons and icons, like the user’s profile picture, from covering up your work.

Ads on TikTok: What Works and What Doesn’t

We have a solid understanding of the requirements for various TikTok advertisements at this point. Let’s dive into how to make ads (and organic posts!) that get the most interaction and help you reach your target demographic.

Control the Length of Your Videos

We know of ad formats that permit production of sixty second-long videos. The maximum length for an organic TikTok is 10 minutes. Although it’s great to have so much breathing room, you should try to keep your videos to a maximum of fifteen seconds to avoid boring your audience.

Vertical Video Production

Historically, videos were shot in landscape orientation for portrait-oriented screens. In contrast, the mobile-first focus of platforms like TikTok has shifted the focus of content creation.

This means that companies need to start making regular vertical videos for TikTok and similar apps.

Put Your Mark On Things Quickly

This is a natural extension of the previous point, which dealt with the short length of videos. TikTok users’ attention spans are incredibly short, so make the most of those few seconds. They won’t finish the CTA if they just scroll away from the video.

At this point, you can make an immediate impression on a viewer in two different ways. To begin, you can use copywriting to quickly establish the content’s relevance to the target audience.

Put Important Thing First

TikTok screens are typically quite cluttered due to the large number of available features. You can still see the account name, the like and share buttons, the caption, and so on as you scroll through your feed.

If you don’t want your main points to get lost in the shuffle, put them dead centre in the video. This will increase the likelihood that viewers respond to the call to action presented to them.

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