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Four Updated Social Media Platforms For Content Makers

Artists can use their profiles to create NFTs, accept donations, and expand their fan bases.

Meta has just revealed new features designed to help content makers expand their fan bases, build stronger groups, and earn more money from their efforts. Okay, let’s begin.

1. New features for virtual toys

Digital artefacts created and sold by creators will soon be available both on and off Instagram. Meta states, “Creators will have a full suite of tools at their disposal, from ideation to distribution, beginning with the Polygon blockchain.” The Instagram platform now makes it simple for fans to show their appreciation by purchasing digital souvenirs from their preferred producers. These new capabilities are currently being beta-tested by a select group of American producers; once they prove successful, we anticipate rolling them out internationally.

Video digital artefacts are now supported, and the Solana network and the Phantom wallet are both supported by Meta.

Collection titles and descriptions, as well as other information that OpenSea has enriched, will be made accessible on Instagram for a subset of collections.

2. The Instagram Subscribe button

To help more American content producers make stable money and develop relationships with devoted fans, subscriptions on Instagram are being made available to all eligible creators by Meta.

3. Awards and presents

Meta is releasing new features for producers who are already using Stars to make it simpler for them to receive Stars and communicate with Star senders. The new function is currently being tested by Meta with a small group of artists from around the world.

Guide excerpt from Meta:

  • Stars Party is coming to Reels. When a Stars community challenge is completed successfully, the author throws a party to celebrate the accomplishment.
  • A novel system of virtual presents based on the recipient’s interests is being tested. If you’re viewing a compilation of puppies made by your favourite pet maker, you can give them a present related to dogs.
  • Facilitating communication between producers and those who give them Stars by, for example, centralising a creator’s Stars remarks in the remarks Manager. Creators can respond to numerous remarks at once in this interface.
  • Expanding Stars’ applicability to other forms of public material, such as photos and text entries.

With the advent of Instagram Gifts, content makers now have another revenue stream from their Reels’ most devoted supporters. By buying Instagram “Stars,” followers can give each other presents on Reels.

In the United States, Meta is conducting tests with a select set of artists.

4. Facebook’s new business page setting

In the professional option, artists have access to a variety of resources that can help them build an international fanbase through their profiles. Creators can make revenue through Stars, Facebook Reels advertising, in-stream ads, and Reels Play. They’ll have entry to a plethora of learning tools, viewership data, and more.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have made it easier than ever for artists of all experience levels to connect with their groups, expand their fan bases, and monetize their work.

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