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The Most Popular Social Media Memes In 2023

When a new social media meme sweeps the internet, is there anything better?

Everyone gets together for a few hours to laugh at an absurd joke that didn’t make any sense a few days ago. They always seem to find a way to bring people together through comedy, whether it’s timely, relevant to a certain occupation or passion, or comes from some other strange part of the internet.

In the world of social media, it’s just part of the job to know what meme forms are now popular. Perhaps that’s the secret to the success of memes created by social media administrators.

Here are the five best social media marketing memes we’ve come across this year to applaud your work. In addition, we have developed a method for pinpointing the memes that will boost the effectiveness of your social media campaign.

Memes on Social Media

Memes on social media can be in the form of images, videos, or even just plain text, and they often represent the amusing perspectives of their target demographic.

Twitter, Reddit, even Domino’s website have all been the birthplace of internet memes. As long as you know your audience, you can make almost anything into a meme.

Each year, we get new and improved meme forms because of the ever-shifting nature of platform trends. Latest formulae for creating a popular text message post…

Good news for those working in social media advertising! The more viral memes there are on social media, the more chances you have to capitalise on the trend.

Here are the top five social media memes of 2022.

Managers of social media platforms are always thinking about the platform. That’s why they always seem to be one step ahead of the competition when it comes to memes. As evidence, please enjoy the five best social media-related memes of the year:

The opinion of Mads Mikkelsen Eating a Sandwich on Letterboxd

The year 2022 saw the beginning of the “fourth wall breakdown” by brand account managers on social media. The new personality-driven method isn’t only about making distinctive material, though. That there’s an actual human being with feelings, ideas, and views behind the account is another benefit.

The movie fanatic social network Letterboxd illustrated this argument with a meme. Mads Mikkelsen’s status as a beloved actor among film buffs further adds to the appeal. This understated comeback demonstrates excellent awareness of and appreciation from the target group.

Twitter audio mashup by @SociallyKels goes viral

Raise your hand if you find yourself daydreaming about the latest TikTok audio sensation.

You’re not the only one whose hand just shot up. In a post on describing social trends to a customer, @SociallyKels of TikTok aptly highlighted this SMM-specific issue. The video is a Frankensteinian mashup of the three biggest TikTok hits of 2022 (‘Running Up That Hill,’ ‘It’s Corn!,’ and ‘My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle’).

The Don’t Worry, Darling! joke by Dave Jorgenson

Dave Jorgenson, aka “The Washington Post TikTok Guy,” simplifies complicated news stories into digestible bites of information in under a minute. Wit, writing ability, and maybe a wig or two are all necessary for this job.

His take on one of the various Don’t Worry Darling press tour meme templates illuminated a phenomenon specific to social media management. Justifying your monthly spending on fancy dress by detailing your explanations.

Sisyphean effort required for @WorkInSocialTheySaid

This meme was created by the Twitter account @WorkInSocialTheySaid, and it features a picture of the legendary Greek hero Sisyphus. After a life of swindling and stealing, Sisyphus is cursed to roll a rock up a hill for all of eternity, at least according to myth.

A Sisyphean chore is a labour that never ends, such as erasing all the social graphics from your phone after they have been published. No matter how often you go through and delete old photos from your camera roll, more seem to appear.

A new take on “They Don’t Know,” by @arieljrubin

They Don’t Know has quickly become an all-time favorite among viral internet jokes. When your own dramatic internal monologue threatens to take over, you can relate to the meme 100%. It’s hard to imagine a more sympathetic situation than that.

We think @arieljrubin’s format is brilliant; after all, are you really a social media manager if you’ve never had to explain to someone that you’re not an intern?

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