How To Mastering PBN Planning?

Part one of a three-part sequence on constructing an advanced private blog network. I recommend the Private Blog Networking Primer to anyone who is just getting started with PBN.

It’s smart to take a step back and evaluate your motivations for creating a PBN before diving in headfirst. Due to the effort and expense involved, careful preparation is required before beginning work on a PBN.

Predict how many links from your PBN you’ll need to score

How many backlinks your money site needs to rank relies on the level of competition in your niche, the quality of your On Page SEO, and the authority of your site. If you’re targeting a keyword with medium levels of competition, you should be able to perform well with just 10 PBN links. This many locations should be built at least.

Budget for the Price of a PBN

Putting together a PBN takes time and money. A PBN has three major expenses: (a) the price of the domain, (b) the price of the hosting, and (c) the price of the content.

Spend as much as you can afford to get your hands on a domain with strong backlinks, as this is what determines the real value of a PBN link. The expense of acquiring a premium domain name through a broker can range from $80 to $500. 

Keep your budget under $100/domain if this is your first PBN. As your expertise grows, you may choose to invest more money in more expensive domain names.

Consider how your network will be set up in advance

Whether you are promoting (i)a singular money site, (ii)a number of money sites in the same niche, or (iii)a number of money sites in different niches, will determine the structure of your network.

A business owner will either be in group (i) and want to rate a single money site or group (ii) and want to rank multiple sites competing in the same niche. All of your PBN names will be on the same network and operate independently of one another in this configuration, making your network straightforward.
Having numerous clients with money sites in different niches and wanting to build PBNs to rank all of your client sites is a common need for marketing agencies, so they fall into category (iii).

If you want to help your customers the most, focus on having them build Master Networks for highly specialised fields. Like in the picture below, you can create a “Health and Fitness Master Network” to house all of your health and fitness-related websites, and a “Technology Master Network” to house all of your technology-related websites. Each of these hub networks can serve as a connection point to your smaller, specialised networks.
Both of these master networks will provide links to their websites for a generic client, while each of the specialised master networks will provide links to their websites for a customer in a particular niche.

Developing Master networks has two primary advantages:

  • It prevents your master networks from interfering with each other. If a physical check reveals a single master network, the other network will not be harmed.
  • For client websites that do not fit into a particular niche or that operate in multiple niches, (2) you can share links between some networks wherever applicable.

Establish a strategy for gradually promoting your cash services

That’s right; you should only do it when it makes sense. That’s why it’s not a good idea to start sending PBN links to a brand-new money site that hasn’t received any links from outreach or guest articles.

You have full control over the anchor text and link equity that is passed from the PBN link to your money site, making them the best links that your money site will ever get. You should therefore employ PBN connections with great care, as advised by us.

Strategy for effective administration

You probably already know that setting up and maintaining a PBN is tedious work that could be put to better use elsewhere. You should, therefore, look into employing a VA to handle the procedures on your behalf.

However, you shouldn’t employ a virtual assistant (VA) until after you’ve built at least two websites on your own. How come there are two locations? Since this is your first time building a website, you’re bound to make some rookie mistakes. The second time around, you can record your steps in a Word document and organise your data in Excel sheets, making it easy to delegate the creation of the remaining sites to a virtual assistant.