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How To Make Money On Instagram?

A look at what Instagram is, what it can do for your business, and the four phrases you need to remember to establish an engaged community (and have some fun!) on Instagram as this social media behemoth continues to gain steam.

Since Facebook bought Instagram, it has only been more popular. You may “Capture and Share the World’s Moments” on Instagram, as the company’s slogan suggests. Moments. Visual Interludes.

Many of my customers and readers have inquired as to my knowledge of Instagram, wanting to know more about the platform and whether or not they should join.

I felt it would be helpful to discuss Instagram, why it may be useful for your business, and how to use it effectively.

Why You Should Have an Instagram Account?

Instagram’s primary function is to allow users to document and share their everyday experiences. There has been a dramatic change towards the use of visual forms of communication on social media, and I believe that most companies would benefit from having a presence there.

Only if it’s done properly, though.

If Instagram keeps growing at its current rate, its 150 million monthly users will likely include your perfect customer.
Instagram, you see, is all about documenting and sharing your life in pictures. It’s not about constantly bombarding them with ads for your wares.

Sharing your life on Instagram may go in two distinct directions: cool and not cool. My Instagram knowledge is as follows:

  • The Instagram user base is exceptionally active. Extremely involved. There are a lot of likes and comments for a platform that just cares about those two metrics. As an added bonus, you may take advantage of cross-platform publishing to your personal profile or company page thanks to Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram and the ability to link the two platforms.
  • You may use Instagram on your mobile device. Clue Clue. It’s about inviting others along for the ride and letting them in on the fun. (i.e., it isn’t about spamming people with links to your website or posting numerous pictures of your products).
  • You won’t find many links on Instagram. True, you may only provide one link to your website or “home base” on your profile. Some marketers may find the inability to simply link to external resources frustrating and limiting. Really, it appeals to me. You’ll need some ingenuity, as you can’t just add links to every single post. Also, you should remember that Instagram is meant for sharing fleeting experiences with others. Visually. Until Instagram starts showing adverts, I appreciate that it focuses solely on natural expansion.
  • The whole point of Instagram is to bring us along for the ride. The most popular Instagram accounts take their followers along on their daily adventures, offering them exclusive glimpses into their professional and personal lives. Consider the word “snapshot”; this is the kind of content you should share on Instagram.

How to Make Money on Instagram?

Consistency and Simplicity

This is the one point I constantly make when discussing visual media. Be reliable and straightforward on Instagram just like you would everywhere else. To get started, just share one very good photo per day. Maintain a regular posting schedule of at least once per day; later on, you can increase the frequency of your posts as your following grows.

Interact, Follow, and React

Do like your followers do. Try talking to them. Like and comment on their images. It’s the same basic rule that can be applied to every system. Likes attract more likes. Feedback begets feedback. Conformity begets conformity. Participation begets participation. Togetherness begets togetherness.

Expand Your Audience Using Hashtags

Instagram users frequently use hashtags. Although there are many silly hashtags being used, they are generally helpful for locating and following individuals in your area of interest.

If I share a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #greenjuice, for instance, I’m likely to gain a following of people who are interested in healthy food and enjoy drinking green juice.

Display Your Talented Staff

The focus of Instagram is on the individual. Our daily existence. In regards to our snaps, remember that even if you have a business account, it can and should be used to showcase the people, events, and “behind the scenes” that make up your enterprise.

No one on Instagram cares about your company or its wares. We’re intrigued by the stories of those BEHIND the scenes. Take us along with you even if you’re the only employee.

Use Instagram Video Without Guilt

In this post, I discussed Twitter’s Vine and the usefulness of short, snapshot films for advertising. I was unaware of Instagram’s plans to include video at the time.

Considering Instagram’s popularity, I highly doubt Vine will be able to compete with Instagram’s native video feature. Obviously, I’m a huge fan of Instagram Video.

Instagram’s new video feature, which allows users to record and share clips of up to 15 seconds in length, opens up a world of creative possibilities. Users may now post original content to the app, or use the editing tools to create short videos on their mobile devices that have a distinctively “edited” feel.
Explore Instagram’s video features. You may use it to show off your products and services without seeming too salesy, as well as your staff, everyday activities, customers, and clients.

Some promotion for your company through “sharing moments” is undoubtedly harmless. Instagram is ideal for sharing the odd “exclusive sneak peek,” workplace tour, office party preparations, downtime, or after-hours fun.