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The 4 Simple Steps To Creating An Instagram Reel

You may have noticed a rise in the number of video posts on Instagram recently. Instagram has been heavily investing on video, with Reels being the most popular type of video shared on the app. We’ve got you covered if you’re interested in creating an Instagram Reel but have no idea where to begin.

With more than two billion active users per month, Instagram’s appeal is undeniable. In reaction to TikTok’s astronomical success with short videos, the site has seen a boom in the popularity of “Reels.” In fact, 66 percent of viewers find short-form video to be the most interesting kind of social media material. Instagram’s And Reels are a popular format for brand partnerships with the creative community.

Now is the opportunity to capitalise on the 22% increase in interaction with videos posted as Reels compared to regular videos. Whether you’ve never produced a Reel before or just need some new ideas, we’ll walk you through the process of creating your very own Instagram Reel.

Why should you utilise Instagram Reels, and what exactly are they?

Instagram Reels are vertical videos that may be anything from several seconds to over two minutes long and contain a collection of small clips. Instagram, like TikTok, lets you customise your Reel with music and subtitles, among other other extras.

What’s the point of using Reels? In a nutshell, they’re the finest approach to broaden your exposure and maybe find viral success. Videos that motivate and benefit the audience right away are what we’re talking about.

While Instagram hasn’t come out and said that Reels are given preference in the algorithm, they have made it apparent that video is a top focus with their latest test that converts all Instagram videos into Reels. The pressure is on accounts that haven’t embraced this kind of material. since a result of the platform’s design, Reels are now the best way to get your material seen, since they may be presented in four different areas: Stories, a dedicated Reels tab, the Explore page, and the main feed.

This is a tremendous opening, as there are now more eyes on your material than ever before because to Reels. Get in on the trend while it’s still new.

Instagram Reel Tutorial

First, develop a plan.

Like any other form of content, the key to creating engaging Reels is to stay true to your brand’s voice and values.

When formulating your plan, keep the following in mind:

  • Make a plan: Determine where Reels fits in with your overall social media strategy. Involvement boost? Reach? If you know this going in, you may use it to inform the design of your Reels.
  • Recognize who you’re talking to: Everything you create ought to be geared towards your target market. Think on the themes, aesthetics, and noises that they enjoy.
  • Set up content categories and themes: Reels need to be entertaining, but they don’t have to follow any particular dancing fads to do so. They can serve to instruct, entertain, thrill, or motivate. To begin, examine your most popular posts to see what kinds of information your audience finds engaging.
  • Find out how your rivals are utilising Reels and where there could be a need to fill a need.

To begin, amass your footage.

Now is the time to get your mobile device out and start exploring Instagram. For more, select the “+” in the top right. At that point, you’re prepared to launch.

Your Reel’s content might come from either original filmmaking or the use of stock video.

  • Gathering fresh footage
  • Camera, flash, and roll! Press and hold the circular white recording button to begin recording. You may turn the camera around and shoot yourself or whatever is directly in front of you by clicking the double arrow symbol.

The white button will have a pink rim around it while you’re recording. You can see how much footage you’ve already shot here.

Using pre-existing media, create an Instagram highlight reel

Use what you have previously shot, be it video or still images. Alter material that has already been shared on TikTok or Instagram. Or divide long YouTube films into bite-sized Reels.

Put text on your video to make it unique.

The procedure is quite similar to making an Instagram Story.

Select the “Aa” button in the upper right corner. Then, enter your text and format it anyway you’d like. Tap the “Aa” button once more to add another item.

Place text where you want it on the screen by touching and dragging it. And by pressing the matching text at the bottom of the screen, you can schedule when it will appear and vanish in the movie. Then you can set the beginning and ending times for the text by dragging the left and right bars.

Kick off the creation of reels to help expand your channel.

When it comes to social media, the old saying “the only constant is change” couldn’t be more accurate. Practice is probably necessary to master reels. But with only one Reel, you can unleash your video editing potential and forge a new bond with your viewers. It’s possible you’ll find the whole thing fascinating.

Follow this template to make producing Reels a breeze. In little time at all, it will seem as easy as 1, 2, post. Check out our post on developing an Instagram marketing plan now that you know all there is to know about making a Reel on Instagram.

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