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Instagram Post Planning Guide [Free Planning Templates]

However, in the present day, 90% of Instagram users follow at least one company. You need an effective Instagram strategy if your target audience is active on the platform to compete with other businesses in your field.

Preparing Your Instagram Content

To take use of Instagram’s other method of interacting with your followers, copy the tab for Instagram Stories into your spreadsheet. Stories are ideal for sharing photographs and videos from live events, conducting informal polls and quizzes, and providing more conversational updates.

1. Establish a Posting Schedule for Your Content

Establish a regular blogging schedule by making at least one post every week. If your followers don’t think they’re getting useful or engaging information from you on a regular basis, they may unfollow you.

First, decide on regular posting days and hours to ensure continuity. Fill in the next month’s Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays under the date and time column if you want to post every week on those days.

Then, set aside two to four weeks of your schedule for preparing posts. If you don’t have access to an automatic scheduling service, you may still publish what you’ve planned by setting a recurring 10-minute calendar invitation at your chosen posting hours. You can simply identify the photos you need for your articles, as well as copy and paste the descriptions, when you have the planning sheet on hand.

You may start entering data for individual posts in your spreadsheet in whatever column you wish. You may, for instance, begin by dividing the rows into distinct campaigns and then, thereafter, put in the appropriate caption or picture link for each post.

2. Include Images

If you have a collection of images ready to upload, you may save time by copying the URLs into the Image File Name/Link column; the rest of the fields can be filled in afterwards.

You should also begin making more graphic material for your future postings. Images from past events might be used, photographs of staff or customers using the product could be solicited, or simple text graphics like this one may be made using Canva or Photoshop.

If you want to quickly discover a certain photo, upload it to a single location and give it a consistent name. You should probably just publish from your phone if you aren’t utilising a post-scheduling application.

You can submit images to an album in Google Photos on your computer, then use the Google Photos app to download the information to your phone before sharing it in a single step.

3. Create Catchy Subtitles

At long last, select a caption for each image. Captioning best practises vary widely based on intended readership and subject matter. For instance, aesthetically-focused content may do better with a witty, brief, and astute caption. On the other hand, a few brief, easy-to-follow advice in the caption can increase educational content will be shared and appreciated.

4. Pick Your Hashtag(s)

Include three to five well-considered hashtags in the description or a remark to increase the likelihood that your content will be seen by new people. Mixing branded hashtags (like #HubSpotAcademy or #OnlineLearning) with popular hashtags can increase the likelihood that your message will be seen.

5. Instagram Content Categories

Your target audience should always be kept in mind when deciding what sort of material to provide. Go outside the confines of your company and its offerings. When it comes to following a company on Instagram, what issues really matter to your ideal customer?

6. Instagram Posts That Teach You Stuff in Small Doses

You may use Instagram to disseminate helpful hints and advice to your target audience if you know they enjoy learning about their field in little, easily digestible chunks on social media.

7. Promotional Instagram Posts

Sharing images or videos of actual consumers using your product is a great idea if it lends itself to being photographed. User-generated content is a great way to reduce the amount of original material you need to produce. Collect images of your product in use by having consumers email them in.

8. Motivating Instagram Posts with Beautiful Images

You may adopt a more aesthetically oriented strategy, uploading photographs and videos that people would simply love to consume, if neither your audience nor your product lend themselves well to being photographed on Instagram. Even if they don’t generate many sales, a visually-focused Instagram may get a lot of fans.

Improve How Instagram Works For You

Planning your Instagram posts in advance will help you provide more value to your followers, increase the number of people who become leads or customers, and broaden the scope of your brand’s message.

You may boost your company’s social media presence and expand its reach by using tools like schedulers and links to carry out your Instagram trip. It takes some trial and error before you can see what works with your target audience, so have some patience.

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