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Instagram Live Streaming Instructions. Tips For Hosting A Popular Instagram Live

Instagram live allows you to capitalise on the fact that most people would prefer watch a video than read text explaining a product or service.

Everything on Instagram live is current and occurring at the same moment. This is great for your brand’s humanity and genuineness, but it also means you only have one shot at getting it right before going live.

The value of include Instagram Live videos in your content strategy

It’s not a matter of if your audience will be interested; statistics show that one million people watch Instagram live every day. (statistics already answer that). All you have to do to keep your audience interested and involved is put on a high-quality, entertaining live show.

When you broadcast in real time, viewers understand that what they are witnessing is occurring as it is being viewed, which may increase interaction and make them feel like their opinions matter. It’s much like chatting to a buddy, only they get to voice their thoughts and ideas as well.

Once you begin a live broadcast, Instagram will immediately inform your followers and move your content to the top of their stories feed. When you take into account that Instagram also offers a Live room function, you can see how effectively this works for interactions and visibility.

7 Brand-Improving Instagram Live-Streaming Concepts

  1. Next, I’d like to present you with seven content suggestions for your upcoming live broadcast.
  2. Customers like it when companies listen to their concerns, questions, and feedback by hosting a Q&A session. In order to avoid being left high and dry if questions don’t start rolling in on time, we recommend announcing your live Q&A session to your audience in advance and collecting questions using the question stickers feature on your post.
  3. Connect with leaders in your field and work together. You may go live with as many as three people utilising the live rooms feature, so invite an industry influencer or thought leader to join you. Make something related to their field of study and have them talk about it, or just strike up a conversation about their job. Make sure that anything you choose is useful to your target audience. Having an expert in the room is useless if you don’t know how to interact with them.
  4. In the background: Giving your audience as much information as possible about your business and how it operates might be just what you need to win them over. Give customers a behind-the-scenes look of your manufacturing cycle, and you’ll win their confidence in the process.
  5. Ask a coworker for an interview; putting a human face on your company’s name may help consumers feel more comfortable doing business with you. To further understand the brand, you should have your coworkers discuss what they do, what a typical day looks like, and how they contribute. It’s a wonderful method to demonstrate your appreciation for your staff as well.
  6. Hold a class: Answering questions from your audience is easier when you broadcast a live instructional about your product or service. Customers may get instant answers to their inquiries and see how to solve their problems as you demonstrate how to use your goods in real time.
  7. If you are attending an industry event to accept an award or speak, consider live streaming the event to your audience (with the permission of the event’s organizers, of course) or, even better, hosting the event yourself and inviting your online audience to join in the fun. That manner, you may make them regret not attending and pique their interest in future events by making them realise what they’re missing.

Having a pleased client rave about your product or service, especially in a visual way, is one of the most effective ways to reach a new audience. A customer’s excitement and upbeat body language are additional benefits of word-of-mouth advertising. More on this will follow, but you can also use this live to turn into brand endorsements.

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