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Techniques for Generating More Instagram Leads

You can do much more than share photos on Instagram. It includes fantastic tools that can expand your enterprise’s horizons and bring in new clients. In this piece, I’ll show you the ropes.


Despite their initial focus on personal usage or social media influencers, social media sites have matured into useful tools for any organisation.

Social media apps have become their own self-sustaining ecosystems, with Instagram alone boasting over 1 billion monthly active users.

Surprisingly, Hubspot reports that 83 percent of app users are searching for new services and products. These numbers show just how useful social media platforms like Instagram can be for commercial enterprises, and how much time consumers spend on them.

Instagram may be used to generate leads as well as acquire new consumers and increase brand recognition.

Obtaining a potential customer’s contact details is called “generating leads,” and it may be used for future marketing purposes. Names, postal addresses, telephone numbers, and electronic mail addresses are all examples of data that might be gathered. You may think of lead capture as creating a database of prospective customers.

The following are some suggestions for using Instagram to generate leads.

Hold an Instagram contest

Instagram competitions may be used as a potent lead generating tool by utilising viral marketing. The goal is to provide incentive in the form of a prize that may be won.

Smaller incentives might include free trials of paid services or products, while larger incentives can take the form of cash awards.

These are the measures to take if you want to use this strategy:

Prepare in advance for your Instagram postings. Think on the things that would interest and wow your potential customers. The number of people that interact with your article depends on this, therefore it’s crucial that you get it right.

Include clear mechanisms. Do you want people to just read your piece, or do you want them to appreciate it, share it, and write about it, mentioning your business? Provide an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide for your readers to follow.

Choose an appropriate incentive to give to your readers. Choosing a reward requires thought about your finances, the tastes of your target audience, and your end aim.

Use hash tags. Find out which hashtags have the highest chance of getting you more likes and purchases by doing some digging.

Don’t be shy about announcing this contest. Now that everything has been prepared, it’s time to publish and start spreading the word. You may accomplish this using a combination of social media channels such as a blog, email list, and your online presence overall.

Here are some Instagram contest examples to get you started:

Make use of the like, remark, and follow buttons. It’s one of the most basic competitions out there. Everyone may take part by simply like your article, leaving a comment with their answers, and then following your page.

Don’t be shy in telling your tale. To choose the winner, have the participants write about how you contributed to their success. Several companies choose this method in order to share the material on social media.

Include a pal by mentioning them. This is another easy and brilliant strategy that can increase your profile and attract more fans. The rules of the contest require that you tag between one and three of your friends on your Instagram post.

You should add call-to-action buttons to your profile

Instagram’s “action buttons” are supported by other applications, allowing users to book appointments, place orders, and buy tickets without leaving the app. Having users not have to switch applications to perform tasks is a huge time saver for organisations and an incentive to get things done.

Follow these instructions to add this feature to your Instagram Business account:

To update your company’s profile, select “Edit Profile” from the drop-down menu.
The “Contact Options” option may be found in the “Public Business Information” section.
The “Add An Action” tab must be selected.
A website must be selected for the integration to take place. Instagram currently has so many features that you may need to conduct some study before making a final decision.
Sign in to or register for the third-party service of your choice. Your first step is to create an account if you don’t already have one.
When you sign in, your profile will have a “take action” button.
In addition to facilitating users’ transition into paying customers, action buttons aid in the collection of leads. A call to action button might be used to link to an online form or a payment gateway to collect consumer data.

Run advertising on Instagram

Ads on social media platforms, including Instagram, have become increasingly common and sophisticated in recent years. Ads on Instagram are sponsored posts or campaigns that cost money to promote. Each single post, or a string of posts, can be an advertisement.

Instagram advertising requires a Facebook Business Page. Advertising can begin as soon as this is linked to Instagram.

There are several options for making advertisements, but one of the simplest is to just recycle an old one. One effective strategy is to promote an already existing post that has received a lot of attention from your audience and share it on Instagram.

Choose “Create Promotion” once you’ve specified the target demographic, spending limit, location, and promotion length. Within 24 hours, Facebook will analyse the ad to make sure it complies with their policies. Approval is the final step before release.

There’s also the option of using Facebook’s Advertising Manager to make an ad just for Instagram. All the required actions may be completed in a single Facebook session.

While the goal of advertising is to generate revenue, it’s crucial that the commercials don’t come across as pushy. Instead, focus on making the piece interesting for your audience.

The success of an advertisement is greatly enhanced by including a clear call to action. Copyblogger estimates that call-to-action (CTA) buttons increase conversion rates by 45%.

The inclusion of a Link that takes the visitor to a form makes Instagram advertisements a great approach to gather contact information from potential customers.

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