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The Role of Chatbots in Driving Instagram Purchases and Engagement

Let’s set the stage with some fascinating chatbots statistics before we delve deeper into the advantages of chatbots for business:

The majority of frequently asked questions may be answered by chatbots.
Around one-sixth of all customer support contacts in the world were handled by conversational AI.
The last time they contacted customer service, 27% of people didn’t know if they were talking to a chatbot or a real person.
Conversational AI is a fantastic investment for your sales team, since more than 40% of consumers utilise chatbot marketing tools while making purchases.
Eighty-eight point two percent of customers who have interacted with chatbots report a favourable or neutral experience.
In comparison to interactions with human agents, customers are 2% more satisfied after chatting with a chatbot (87.58% vs. 86.52%).
Thirty-five percent of clients say they wish more companies used chatbots.
As expected, content is paramount, but where do we go from here? Can you imagine devoting so much time to creating content on Instagram that you’re left wondering how to turn your posts, stories, Reels, and live broadcasts into actual money? Many businesses, sadly, muddle through when asked this question.

Instagram bots are especially useful in this context.

Chatbots on Instagram: what exactly are they?

To automate conversations on Instagram, you may use a chatbot. The user is conversing with a machine rather than a human while using a chatbot.
With an Instagram chatbot, you may greet new followers with a prewritten greeting or have an automatic reply sent to direct messages. A chatbot’s versatility and ability to hold numerous individual conversations at once are two of its greatest strengths.

The lack of a built-in support for chatbot embedding on Instagram is disappointing. This implies you’ll need to resort to third-party technologies that facilitate the rapid development of chatbots in order to simplify your interactions with customers.

But, Instagram bots are not to be confused with Instagram chatbots.

Several businesses and would-be social media influencers resort to the use of Instagram bots, or automated accounts that post likes and comments on their behalf, to give the impression that they have a much larger following than they actually do. They post comments made entirely of emoji, send strange direct messages, and generally make their accounts seem dead, despite their best efforts to make it seem like they’re genuine individuals with real followers.

Does Instagram allow chatbots?

Absolutely. A brand, however, should not attempt to make a chatbot appear humanlike because of its lack of transparency. In addition, chatbots are not as adaptive as humans in terms of problem-solving and decision-making; as a result, the chatbot will be unable to respond to a customer’s inquiry that was not programmed into a predefined dialogue scenario.

Because of this, a consumer is able to communicate with a live person. For this reason, your chatbot shouldn’t try to pass itself off as a human agent.

How exactly do Instagram Chatbots function?

The chatbots’ functioning is simple: when a customer takes an action that you believe will lead to a conversion in your existing marketing funnel (such as sending you a direct message, following you, or leaving a remark), the bot will respond according to the scenario you’ve set up in advance.

Here are some of the current capabilities of chatbots:

Always be quick to reply in Instagram direct messages with correct details about your offerings.
If the customer becomes sidetracked during an Instagram DM conversation, you may send a reminder and resume the conversation.
Get potential customers’ contact information, such emails and phone numbers.
Make purchases via direct message and relay customer information back to your CRM immediately.
Attendee registration for webinars, seminars, and events.
Include in your story and watch the number of likes and comments rise.

Give away prizes by just preparing a scenario, and the bot will do everything else.
Construct the sales funnel by programming the chatbot to send prewritten messages to leads at each stage of the process.
A firm with a global audience must be able to respond to communications in their customers’ native languages. Knowing your customers’ native tongue may go a long way towards providing a more tailored experience, which can increase conversion rates by as much as 80%.
Most chatbots’ interactions with users follow a scripted conversational flowchart. As a result, chatbots provide responses that are contextually relevant and tailored to the user’s activities or inquiries.

Instagram Chatbots may be broken down into a few distinct categories

Without engaging with your audience, you won’t make any sales on Instagram. You’ll need a wide range of chatbot features to answer all the inquiries your consumers could have. Let’s examine the most typical examples.

Auto-replying Instagram story bot

By acknowledging and responding to comments on your stories, you’ll demonstrate to your fans that you value and appreciate their feedback. But, if you have a large number of followers, individually responding to each comment would be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. There, chatbots come in handy: The chatbot may be programmed to respond to certain actions. You may instruct the chatbot to just say “Thank you” in its replies, or you can get fancier by including a GIF or a picture.

Instagram direct message replying bots

Even while you and your staff can’t possibly be online around the clock, your consumers want you to be accessible whenever they need you, day or night. On the other hand, maintaining a high standard of customer care on social media isn’t easy for any company. A chatbot can also help out in this situation. Easy as pie after you tell the bot what questions are most likely to be asked of it.

The use of DM for placing orders directly

Several Instagram bots are able to not only respond to direct messages but also take requests inside the conversation. You can shorten the time it takes to complete an order and improve the overall client experience.

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