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Gaining Fifty Percent More Facebook Page Views

For a long time, the web was a one-way medium where users couldn’t provide feedback on or engage with published information in any manner.

How to Double the Number of People Who See Your Facebook Ads

You could just leave it alone.

Publishing material with the intent of stimulating conversation and participation is central to the social web and social business. A “sell” is the culmination of a chain of encounters that begins with a very minor one. To increase user interaction with our online assets, we can offer a wide variety of content kinds.

  • Blog posts are often primarily textual in nature, with supplementary images included for aesthetic purposes.
  • Because to its 140-character restriction and built-in nature, Twitter only supports text, which may include a link, but no other forms of media.
  • Whether it’s text, photographs, or videos, Facebook makes it easy to broadcast them all.
  • A major obstacle facing today’s marketer is creating and distributing content that will get their products and services shared widely online. The goal of any marketer with a presence on Facebook is to generate interaction in the form of likes, comments, and shares.

Just what are the top three strategies for increasing Facebook interaction? showed that, after analysing 10,000 Facebook and Twitter postings from 8,000 small companies across 50 sectors, these are the most effective strategies for increasing interaction.

  • Compared to other forms of online content, photo posts attracted more views.
  • In regards to engagement, quotes outperform all other post formats by a factor of 22.
  • About twice as many people comment on questions than on any other kind of post.
  • The data also indicated that links were 87% more likely to be shared than any other sort of post by fans across their networks when it came to published material.

How about the top two strategies for getting retweets on Twitter?

It came as no surprise to learn the following from the research, as Twitter is heavily focused on text and is driven by the brief soundbite.

  • More than half (54%) of all ReTweets originate from a quote.
  • Second only to initiating interactions itself, status updates
  • I can attest that someone’s enormous Twitter following is at least in part due to their habit of tweeting inspirational sayings. It might take some ingenuity to figure out how to use the latest quote changes in a commercial context. The key takeaway from this research is that include photographs in your Facebook marketing strategy may increase interaction with potential clients.

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