5 Easy Ways To Get High Quality Backlinks

Anchor text plays a significant role in the success of your link-building efforts. Domain authority is also essential. It’s common that you’ll have to choose between the two depending on the types of links you can create. It is possible to use article directory submission tools to gain wonderful anchor text from low-value link sources, or you can make an infographic that will attract many different authoritative websites to link to your site with less-than-ideal anchor text.

In a perfect world, you could accomplish both simultaneously, resulting in high-quality backlinks from reliable resources that use the desired anchor text. We’re going to go over a few easy methods that will help you accomplish that goal.

Guest Blogging

One of the most effective ways to gain a link on a reputable domain (and even a reputable page) with the anchor text you desire is through guest posting. Since you’re providing value (in the form of content) in exchange for the connection, this method might be considered highly “pure.” That usually also means:

Your website can be hosted on a robust server.
You’ll be able to establish a link with beneficial anchor text, and the domain will be syndicated and draw links on its own.
Using services and tools like the Ontolo link building tool set, you can uncover a lot of wonderful targets, and then vet which are a bit more permissive with guest posting anchor text than others, so long as you don’t abuse the privilege.

Request External Links

You may be able to delegate some of your link building activities to your staff, depending on the size and scope of your organisation. (be sure to give them good instructions). You may easily change the anchor text of nepotistic links because they come from reputable sources.


We’ve discussed using testimonials as a means to obtain fantastic connections before, and it’s an approach that deserves to be included here. Similar to guest posting, when you contribute something (a testimonial) in exchange for a link, nepotistic link chances like these can sometimes offer you an excellent link on a trusted site. The following are some plausible instances of relevant vendors:

  • Suppliers – Two independent copywriters helped us with the content for and other promotional materials. They advertise their offerings on their own websites. We contacted them, offering endorsements in exchange for a reference.
  • Expert Advisers – Do you have a consultant who advises you on business matters? Is the work they’re doing up to par? Is there a website I can visit? Present them with a testimonial!
  • Sellers of Physical Goods – Send an email to the company you bought something from, letting them know you’re pleased with the goods and would be happy to provide a testimonial for their website.
  • Clients Whom You Believe Could Be Useful – This could be a great chance if you know someone who is passionate about our product and would be willing to put a link to us on their website.

Use Better Keyword Research and Free Tools to Promote Your Content

The Free Keyword Tool receives a lot of attention not only because it’s a helpful resource, but also because its name contains a competitive keyword. The best anchor text for links referring to your amazing content or free resources can be attracted to your site by giving your flagship pieces of content descriptive names. While this may result in a less link-baity title, it can pay off if the links you do receive have the desired anchor text.

Internal Links

If you want targeted connections from reliable pages (your own domain! ), internal linking is one of the most underutilised strategies. Not as flashy as “link baits,” but often more effective in the long run for ranking, traffic, and conversions. If you want to know more about optimised internal linking, check out these wonderful resources:

  • My Strategy for Extracting Hundreds of Deep Links from a PageRank 5 Site
  • Where to Look for and Extract Link Oil
  • The Ultimate Information Architecture SEO Reference
  • You may accomplish two goals at once and create links that will remain effective regardless of the direction Google’s algorithm shifts by using strategies that allow you to establish quality links with tailored anchor text.

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