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How To Add Sound On Instagram Stories?

Have you ever thought that adding a music to an image or story you wanted to share with your friends would make it more memorable? Wouldn’t it be great if your followers and friends could enjoy your Story even more by listening to a fitting song?

If you answered “yes,” then you’ll be happy to know that Instagram now supports your request. You can now give your Instagram Stories that extra spark by using music.

Additionally, 60% of Instagram Story viewers have the sound on. The addition of music to your Stories will increase their appeal and engagement.

Use Instagram’s Music Sticker to include tunes into your story posts

In 2018, Instagram introduced a new sticker called “Music,” which made it simple to embed audio into Instagram Stories. This is just as simple to use as any other Instagram Story sticker.

If you want to add music to your Instagram Stories but aren’t sure how to apply this sticker, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Here is how to use the Instagram music sticker to incorporate music into your Instagram Stories.
Launch the Instagram Story editor.

  • To view all available stickers, select the corresponding icon.
  • To hear the tune, select the sticker.
  • Find the track that best fits the mood of your Story and add it.
  • On the initial screen, you’ll see a selection of popular songs.

You may also use the search function to locate the desired track.
You may search for the perfect tune for your Story using filters like mood and genre.
If you click the play icon that appears next to each song, you may hear a preview of it before adding it to your playlist.

Choose the tune you want to include in your narrative

In addition, after choosing a song, you’ll be sent to a new screen where you may tailor the song’s duration and appearance in the Story. The length picker looks like a scale, and you may use the slider to set the zero point. A segment will be added to your Story with the duration and beginning point you choose.

Keep in mind that each Instagram Story only displays for 15 seconds, so your video clip of the music can only be that long. Select the lines that best fit the tone of your post.
Stickers with the chosen tune will be added to your Story.

Furthermore, this was only one of two possible applications of Instagram’s music feature. Alternately, you can begin the process of making your Story by selecting the “music” tab.

At the very bottom of the screen while making a Story are several buttons labelled “normal,” “live,” “boomerang,” and so on. The “music” option is accessible via this route, and adding a song follows the same steps as described above.

Modifications Can Be Made to the Sound Label Decal

Instagram Stories allow you to not only upload music, but also customise how that music is presented. You have the option of including a music player with or without the song’s lyrics in your narrative. Both the lyrics and the players may be styled to your liking.

You may modify the look of the music sticker on your Story in a few different ways.

Style of Font

The music lyrics in your Story might take on a new look by selecting a different font from the available selections. You may access these font choices at the very bottom of the screen in the format shown below.

Presentation Format

Either a music player or the song’s lyrics can be shown at your discretion. Even the music player gives you a choice between two distinct approaches. A thumbnail image and a little player that plays the music, with the title and performer prominently displayed. The image of a larger player is emphasised, while the players’ names are listed in smaller type below the image.


You may also change the lyrics’ font and colour to your liking. Background colours are also customizable when using the player as the primary display method.
Experiment with the editing tools provided to create a unique music sticker, and then add the corresponding audio clip to your Story.

Use Alternative Methods to Integrate Music into Instagram Stories

Including music in your Instagram Stories is as simple as making a video and posting it to your Story. Including a video with audio to your Instagram Story is a simple way to spread the tunes.

Numerous programmes exist to help you create videos with audio. Keep your films to under 15 seconds in length if you choose to use this feature. In addition, the “Sound On” label that indicates to viewers that the Story has audio should be used whenever a video with sound is uploaded.


When you add music to your Instagram Story, you increase its appeal to your friends and followers. Share your favourite tunes with your followers or explain the inspiration behind a photo. Whether you use the music sticker or not, you should now know how to add music to your Instagram Stories. Follow the advice in this post to create Stories that people will love reading.